Medical Insurance

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From just a few dollars per week, almost everyone can obtain a level of medical insurance that will cover you for future surgeries.

You may qualify for pre-approval, which means that the insurer pays the hospital directly, meaning nothing for you to pay at all. 

All family members can be covered under the same policy, and you have an option as to what level of excess you wish to have to help reduce premium costs. Get in touch with us now.

Has getting medical insurance sorted been on your to-do list for a while? We make it easy. Here's Brooke's story. 

Steve Richens was referred to me from a very good friend who described him as someone I "must" talk to about my insurance policies. Since then, Steve has spent hours making sure I have the protection my family needs. Unlike phoning a large insurance company directly and getting the run around, Steve guided me and pointed things out that I would never have thought of without his help. 

I now sleep at night knowing that if anything happened to me or my health tomorrow, my children and family are looked after 100% and I am comfortable that I can call Steve whenever I have a concern. Professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and helpful, Steve comes highly recommended by me."

- Brooke Kable