If you are in business then you are in business with ACC.

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • Do you understand your ACC invoice?

    You pay it so know what you're paying, and be equipped to notice an invoice that needs fixing.

  • Are you using the right classification code?

    The wrong code could mean between $0.04 and more than $6.00 per $100 of liable earnings.

  • Are you declaring the right income to IR?

    Declare the right income on your IR3, 4 ,7 and IR 348, director's fees, passive income, and scheduler payments to contractors all affect your levies. So too does accounting for first week ACC Claims and any salaries over the maximum.

  • Are you on the right product? Yes, there are options.

    ACC offers an alternative product - CoverPlus Extra. You can choose the payment you get and don't have to prove a loss when you claim. You can still earn income when on claim and you can choose your own individual code different from your business'. This could save you $1,000's and allow you to protect yourself with private income replacement for illness too.

  • Are you taking advantage of no-claim discounts and experience rating?

    If you pay less than $10k in levies you could get 10% off or 10% added on. If you pay over $10k in levies you could get 50% off or 75% added on.

There are many ways to ensure your ACC structure is right for you and that your overall plan is as comprehensive as possible should you need to use it.

We help you to confidently answer "yes" to the five questions above so your ACC is structured right for you.